I’ve never felt love. Well at least not in the sense where its been a brilliant moment of divine clarity where the only thought echoing in my mind is “I love you”.

No, what I feel closer resembles a low hum. A hum that you only hear where you’re listening for it. A hum that seems to say “there’s something special to this person”. The hustle-bustle of daily life drowns out the hum more than I’d like to admit.

I think some people are more meant for us than others. Not like they’re our soulmates, it isn’t a predisposed connection that had been forged since time itself. It’s more of a reunion.

You’re skipping through the awkward small talk and feeling like you’ve known this person forever. Maybe its because you have. You’ve had the small talks and getting-to-know-yous in lives you don’t remember and now you’re just picking up where you left of.

I no longer believe in the theatrical love. I believe in the love found in yearbooks and birthday gifts and goodbyes. I believe in love that is as common as breathing, a love that is meant to last .