A walking paradox. That’s how you best describe yourself, I describe myself. Something about these perfect labels just does not seem to fit with our flawed lives. I’ve always felt at unease when an adjective is used as a description of me because I know all too well that the opposite isn’t any less true. It is believed that this ambiguity is freedom; the freedom to be what you please but what people fail to see is the restriction it sets on us. When words fail to define us there is so little we can do to communicate our soul. The ambiguity becomes generality and the idea keeps getting hazier the more you try to explain it and the really ironic part of the whole process is that you are not immune to that effect. You see that in the trivial moments of life such as filling out an application asking “how would you best describe yourself?” You have to think. More than you have to think while adding up numbers or giving your opinion on a movie or naming all the planets in our solar system. Why is knowing us so much harder even after living for so much longer? The answer is simple. We are a paradox whose only predictability lies in its unpredictability and therefore having any static description for us is beyond sanity. So who are you? You are an endless series of choices.