Those Pointless Thoughts




I've never felt love. Well at least not in the sense where its been a brilliant moment of divine clarity where the only thought echoing in my mind is "I love you". No, what I feel closer resembles a low... Continue Reading →


I don't like the word sad. So simple, it could be a child's first word. A quick syllable. Such minimal effort needed that it should be condemned for slander against the emotions it tries to convey. The scars it burns... Continue Reading →


His voice was the sound truth makes when its being said. Deliberate. Harsh. Important. Laced with innate sincerity, we tend to reserve for the most powerful statements.   Ok. fuck it. I don't know how to convey to you how... Continue Reading →

Where The Wild Thoughts Are

"Inside all of us is a wild thing." - Where the Wild Things are

Unique Snowflakes

Because that's what we're all supposed to be right?

The walking paradox

One of my most nagging thoughts

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