His voice was the sound truth makes when its being said.

Deliberate. Harsh. Important.

Laced with innate sincerity,

we tend to reserve for the most powerful statements.


Ok. fuck it. I don’t know how to convey to you how important this idea is while still trying to sound pretty so here it fucking is. you know when you are about to say something that would be a shit ton easier to not say? the immense courage, conviction and just overall thought that goes into saying it? It’s not easy or fun but you do it with such unmatched sincerity you didn’t even know you had in you. It’s important and its hard but that’s what his voice is like. He voice sounds like something that you should struggle to achieve yet here he is using it for mundane greetings and overused conversations. No matter how many times its been you can never be prepared for when he starts a sentence. It just seems so wrong to be anything but incredibly invested in what his words. With that voice he might was well be unraveling the mysteries of the fucking cosmos but all he is doing is reading out his order. Do you see? What I mean now when I say his voice is the sound truth makes when its being said? Now tell me how do you ever get enough of something like that?


Still word vomit but shit on me if that isn’t the most beautiful idea: “His voice is the sound truth makes when its being said” .


PS. If this rambling style of writing didn’t appeal to you PLEASE take a look at ANY of my other pieces I swear they’re a lot more formal. BUT if you do like this style more, let me know because lord knows I would be fine continuing like this!!! Any input would be greatly appreciated.